What's New
  • 01/18/05 - Version 0.4 released.
  • 11/18/04 - Updated DBT to work with Firefox 1.0.
  • 09/24/04 - Updated DBT to work with Firefox 1.0PR.

Der Browser Timer

Der Browser Timer is a timer/clock/alarm add-on for the Mozilla FireFox browser.

Der Browser Timer screen shot

It allows you to set an audible and/or visual alarm by specifying the alarm time in one of three ways: as a relative count down time (e.g. set the alarm to go off in thirty minutes), as an absolute target time (e.g. set the alarm to go off at 7:45 am), or as a regular interval (e.g. set the alarm to go off hourly at five minutes before the hour). In addition, Der Browser Timer can be set to signal the hour and/or half hour with an alternate tone like a cuckoo clock.

The program is functionally, if not visually, patterned after a clock radio, with a simple interface consisting of a digital time readout and several indicator icons that can be placed anywhere on one of the browser toolbars. Left clicking on the time will toggle between several display formats. Right clicking will open the main application menu where you can enable the alarm, access Der Browser Timer settings, and display Help information.

Der Browser Timer isn't designed for task scheduling or event planning - if you're interested in the latter, try the Mozilla Calendar extension.

Other features:

Future Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements are planned for the near future:

Additionally, work is under way or being considered on these items:


The original menu bar location and time display toggling feature of Der Browser Timer were modeled after the Clock extension.

I've learned and borrowed from many other MozApp projects over the past year, including the following: Googlebar, Chatzilla, Calendar, Sage, ForecastFox, and JsLib, which I've used as a source library and code example archive. Creating Applications with Mozilla and the XUL Tutorial are required reading, and XUL Planet's reference documents, particularly the discussion of RDF which begins here, have been indispensable. For FireFox extension development, Jed Brown's exposition of the new API is a helpful complement to the official documentation.


Your comments or suggestions are welcome - please see the contact page for information about how to get in touch.

The derbrowsertimer project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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