If you're currently using an earlier version of DerBrowserTimer, you should uninstall it first, then continue with the installation as described in the next paragraph.

To install, use the Installation procedure below. Once installed, please refer to the Quick Start section of the help documentation for an introduction to using DBT.

derbrowsertimer-0.4.xpi (343 KB)

MD5 checksum:

Der Browser Timer, version 0.4, released 01/18/05

For Mozilla FireFox 0.9.x - 1.0

This release offers several bug fixes, some modest improvements in usability, and a few new features. Highlights include making DBT relocatable on the browser toolbar; new options for clock text color, date format, and user-specified cuckoo sound file; and expanded help documentation. See Release Notes for more information.


Open the installation file (named derbrowsertimer-X.X.xpi, where XX is the release number) by clicking the appropriate link above or by downloading the installer (.xpi) file to your local hard drive and opening it via the browser File menu. Upon opening, once you confirm that you wish to proceed, the installation script will register the extension with the browser and install the following files in the Der Browser Timer folder* under the FireFox profile/extensions area:

File name Purpose Location
contains application files
"chrome" subdirectory of DBT folder
application default settings
"defaults/preferences" subdirectory of DBT folder

Once the installation has completed, exit the browser. The next time you start FireFox, Der Browser Timer should be installed. Open the customize toolbar window (View -> Toolbars -> Customize) and drag the DerBrowserTimer icon
Der Browser Timer screen shot
to a toolbar. A digital time readout will appear where the icon is dropped on the toolbar.

*The UUID for Der Browser Timer, {853fc383-15d3-4f29-a104-53c603a10373}, will be used as the name for this folder.

To Uninstall

Use the FireFox extension manager to uninstall Der Browser Timer. Open the extension manager by choosing "Extensions" from the browser 'Tools' menu, select the Der Browser Timer listing, and click the uninstall button at the bottom of the window. Restart the browser to complete the removal.

The derbrowsertimer project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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